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Chocolate Cake

Let’s get one thing straight.  Fruit is a snack.  Chocolate is dessert.  If I ever hear someone tell me that they aren’t eating chocolate cake because of some diet they are on, I might just stop them mid sentence and … Continue reading

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What is a girl to do when dairy of any kind is out and you need some sort of creamy, spreadable, mixable something? Go to the store and get a prepackaged vegan spread?  Only if I am in a complete … Continue reading

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IT’S A WRAP Do you remember the movie, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan?  Remember Adam Sandler using hummus for EVERYTHING?  I have been becoming that way with Tahini.  Don’t worry, I am not brushing my teeth with it.  However, … Continue reading

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Tuna Casserole

I love a good casserole.  Who doesn’t?  It is like a one stop shop.  If done right you will get your protein, carb, fat AND have a little room for those warm fuzzies that casseroles always bring. One of my … Continue reading

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You want me to measure what?!

Before I share a recipe, there are a couple of things I need to confess. I am terrible at math.  I mean really really REALLY terrible!!!  I am also terrible at science.  REALLY terrible.  Apparently  baking involves chemistry.  Baking involves … Continue reading

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To: Your Health. Love: Your Heart.

I have been making a daily ritual out of starting every class I teach with the words, “Today is going to be the best day ever!” It isn’t about having a script to follow, or letting myself go on autopilot … Continue reading

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