To: Your Health. Love: Your Heart.

I have been making a daily ritual out of starting every class I teach with the words, “Today is going to be the best day ever!”

It isn’t about having a script to follow, or letting myself go on autopilot out of pure exhaustion.  Everyone walks into CrossFit Bloomfield with a different story of how they rushed through the doors that particular morning or afternoon.  I might be feeling a little crazed or have my mind on something else too.  Getting in front of a class and looking at everyone and assuring them that this particular day or this particular moment will be the best, is our moment together where we can leave our worries at the door and start fresh and have fun.

I think we all have things that we do throughout our day that makes us feel more comfortable, organized, structured, confident and more at peace.  What propels to us to move with ease between the hustle bustle of our days?  You worked out. You did some stretching.  You plan on listening to your mediation app later before you sleep.  You think you remember drinking your breakfast…maybe.

When was the last time you really sat down for a meal, payed attention to what you were eating and actually enjoyed every single bite?  Did you cook it yourself?  Was it healthy?  I mean really healthy! Healthy to the point where you knew how every ingredient could benefit your body?  Healthy to the point where you specifically chose one ingredient over another because of how it would make you physically feel?  Are you confident that you can cook healthy foods that give you the warm fuzzies?  Do these questions make you feel like I’m interrogating you?

One of the things that calms my mind and helps me focus is cooking and/or baking. Let me add that when I do this I do it with mindfulness, love, and an emphasis on health.  Who has time to think about all of those things?  We have time to shower, go to work, send text messages, have a coffee or tea, etc.  Why not make eating and making the things that we feel good in our bodies and taste good in our mouths?  Slow your roll and enjoy the process.FullSizeRender


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