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Breakfast Lunch AND Dinner!

I love a good breakfast hash.  I love it for any meal of the day.  Unfortunately I don’t eat potatoes.  My body just doesn’t process them well. HOWEVER,  yucca makes a beautiful and tasty replacement for a hardy hash. Ingredients: … Continue reading

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I want Matcha More Ice Cream!

I can’t stop making Ice Cream!!!    I also have a slight obsession with Matcha  green tea powder.  I figured that since I know I have been playing around with it in jello, I might as well try my hand … Continue reading

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Chocolate Mint Ice Cream OMG!!!

I refuse to come to terms with the fact that the weather is slowly changing.  In the mean time, during this whole summer I have been without my ice cream maker and all of a sudden I had this strong … Continue reading

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Watermelon GET IN MY BELLY Jello

It has been INSANELY humid lately and my husband and I have been devouring watermelon like they are going to take it off the shelves tomorrow! I love snacks that will keep me hydrated, refreshed, and give me a bit … Continue reading

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Bake that Funky White Fish

Why do I love White Fish? It is mild and will take on any flavor you season it with. It is easy to work with.  It is just damn good.   Ingredients: Cashew Coconut Cream (like 1/8-1/4 cup) 4 servings of … Continue reading

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Stuff It Up Your Mushroom

I took a long hiatus from all mushrooms because, I didn’t think they were beneficial to me and my leaky gut.  It has been several years since I had eaten them on a regular basis and I was  ready to dive … Continue reading

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Someone Loves me Pizza!

Why do I call this pizza Someone Loves me Pizza?  After whining about my cravings for pizza, yet not wanting to make it myself, my lovely husband stopped at the store and bought the only box of dough mix that I … Continue reading

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