Mock Chopped Liver

L’shana Tova!

The title is probably NOT the most enticing.  I know your eyes are not bugging out of your head and you probably aren’t salivating… UNLESS you are the oddball like myself that absolutely loves a good chopped liver and all its vegetarian alter egos.

I also love when there are healthy and tasty options for appetizers that won’t leave you feeling guilty.  My mom has been making this string bean mock chopped liver ever since I can remember and it has been a staple at all of our holiday gatherings.  However, it always had hard boiled eggs in it which we both can’t have anymore.

We were talking on the phone and discussing ways that we can reconfigure the recipe so that it would still have the same texture and taste without the eggs and that’s where the idea hit me to try using roasted chestnuts.  They are starchy, nutty, sweet and savory all at the same time.  THEY WORKED!


  • 1 lb of steamed string beans
  • 1.5  packages of organic roasted chestnuts
  • 2 large sauteed onions (completely browned) or 1 onion and 1/2 cup of chopped leaks. and a clove of chopped garlic
  • 3/4 cup of chopped pecans
  • salt and pepper to taste



Saute your onions and garlic until nice and browned.

combine chestnuts, steamed string beans, pecans, sauteed onions/garlic, salt and pepper (to taste)  in your food processor.  Blend until everything is completely blended.



This is what the consistency should look like when its done.  Serve up with some vegetables to dip in or some crackers.  This is ridiculously addicting with cucumber slices!

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