Do you remember the movie, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan?  Remember Adam Sandler using hummus for EVERYTHING?  I have been becoming that way with Tahini.  Don’t worry, I am not brushing my teeth with it.  However, if I could I sooooo would!

I have a problem digesting legumes, so peanut butter is out.  I love almond butter, but I have zero self control so that’s out. (I am beginning to think I have zero control with tahini, so I may have to retire it soon…maybe not.)

Let’s make some tahini sauce!!!!

  1. 1/4-1/2 cup of tahini.  (I use plain ground sesame tahini… no salt added, no nothing)
  2.  1 fully squeezed lemon. (don’t buy lemon juice.  use your muscles!)
  3.  fresh garlic or garlic powder to taste.
  4. cumin powder to taste. (a bissel)

mix these ingredients together.  THEN…add water to thin out the mixture until it is like a thin sauce/ dressing,  but not watery.  MIX WELL.

*You can add freshly chopped parsley if you like or smoked paprika..depending on what you are adding it to.  When making a tuna salad, I always add freshly chopped parsley and a spoonful of horseradish.  You can add chopped red onion or scallions.  however you want to fancy it up is on you! =)

The Filling

I always put a bunch of chicken breasts in the crock pot so I can make tahini chicken salad.  Aside from the chicken this is what will normally go in the crock pot:

  1. Coconut aminos Teriyaki sauce. here
  2. Coconut oil
  3. chicken bone broth here

Once the chicken is done I pull it out of the crock pot, let it cool and then mix it in the tahini sauce.

How do you wrap it up?

A friend of mine introduced me to this great recipe.  When I say great, I mean that I am sure it was great as it was… but I couldn’t have it as is.  I need to make sure it was Hillary approved and THEN and ONLY THEN would I know if it was truly a gem…IT IS!

Here is the link to the original recipe: here

What I changed and why:

  1. I used Arrowroot flour instead of Tapioca.  I didn’t have experience using either flour.  I have tried more things with arrowroot flour and have felt okay with it.  I also learned along the way that it is in the ginger family can be soothing for an upset stomach.  Sooo… if anything goes wrong, something will go right…right?
  2. I used Flax meal instead of eggs for the mere fact that I can’t have eggs.  (1 tbsp of flax meal to 3 tbsp of water= 1 egg.)  Plus, it is a great fat and a great source of fiber.
  3. I used coconut oil instead of palm shortening.  I always have coconut oil in the house.  It is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, helps speed up the metabolism, great for the skin, and just tastes and smells great.
  4. I added a little garlic powder for flavor.  Why?  Why not?!!!
* If you do exactly the precise measurements you will get the consistency for muffins.  If you add more water so that the consistency  is like a thick pancake batter and pour onto parchment paper on cookie sheet with a lip, it will have the consistency of a thick pita bread like the kind from Leo’s or Olga’s.
*If you add slightly more water (not so it’s straight up dirty looking water) but just so it’s slightly thinner than pancake batter, it will come out like a thin lavash wrap.
Once it comes out of the oven, I put parchment paper or even the whole cookie sheet directly in the fridge. let cool.  When its cooled, I will put another piece of parchment paper over the open side and flip over so I can remove the bottom layer gently.
FullSizeRender (3)

Fully cooled flat bread


tahini chicken salad, sliced cucumber, sliced avocado


roll it up


cut it up and serve